Quality Assurance Guarantee

We are sure that we are experts in claiming consumer flight compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004.
We have a leading law database of flight cases , a leading database of flight delays and other flight consumer rights related facts like weather and airport conditions from different data sources. Our informations are accepted as evidence in court trials.
We are able to provide outstanding information on flight claim cases and work with the best lawyers.

For this reason we can give a quality guarantee to win law cases in front of court:

we guarantee that if our contracted lawyer loses in court and you win the same case with the same facts with another lawyer we will pay you €100*

we gurantee to pay €100* if we lose your case in court and another person on the same flight wins the same case for the same flight.

(*Only if we had the same informations or documents. Not valid for lapse of time or bankruptcy of the airline.)

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