Swiss European Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

If your Swiss European Airlines flight delays for more than 3 hours, or was cancelled without prior notice, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ based on EU 261 rule.

Enter your flight details and check how much you can claim:

Swiss Airlines Delayed or Cancelled Flights Rights

Here is all you need to know to claim compensation of up to €600 per passenger under EU 261 rule for Swiss Airlines flight delays or cancellations.


You may be eligible for compensation if …


  1. your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours
  2. you have been departed from an EU airport
  3. you arrived at an EU airport with an EU-registered airline
  4. the delay was not due to any extraordinary circumstances


The amount of compensation varies between 250€ to 600€ depending upon the route distance and length of the delay.

Enter your flight and check how much you can claim: Check your flight for free.

What should you do if your flight was delayed?

→ ask for the reason behind flight disruption
→ get a confirmation in writing from the airlines’ customer service
→ note the actual arrival time (i.e., when the plane door was opened)
→ collect additional evidence (e.g. photos, boarding pass, receipts, etc.)
→ enter your flight details into our claim form
→ check if you are eligible for compensation
→ assign us with your case for a hassle-free claim (we work on a “No Win = No Fee” basis)

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines popularly known as Swiss Airlines is a national airline and the flag carrier of Switzerland with its head office located at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg near Basel along with an office in Zurich Airport in Switzerland. Swiss Global Airlines & Edelweiss Air are the subsidiaries of Swiss International Airlines. The company itself is one of the subsidiaries of Lufthansa Group, who took over the airline on 1st, July 2007 and is a member of “Star Alliance”.

The airline’s IATA code is LX which it inherited from the Swiss regional airline CrossAir while its ICAO code is SWR which it inherited from SwissAir. Swiss International Airline Company was established after merging with CrossAir in 2002 on 31st, March. Swiss Airline connects to 106 destinations in 49 countries all over the world operating from Zurich & Geneva. Annually it transports 16 million passengers on an average.

Swiss Global Airline has its headquarters at Basel, Zurich & the town of Kloten while Edelweiss Air has its base at Zurich Airport. Swiss Global Airlines was early known as Swiss European Air lines which was founded in the year 2005 and used to operate services to EU nations. It was rebranded to Swiss Global Airlines on 3rd, February 2015. While Edelweiss Air was founded on 19th, October 1995 in Bassersdorf, Switzerland.

Swiss International Airlines Codeshare Agreements

Swiss International Airlines shares Codeshare Agreements with the following list of airlines:

Aircraft Countries Airline Based at
Adria Airways Slovenia
Air Canada Canada
Air China China
Air France France
Air Malta Malta
Austrian Airlines Belgium
Croatia Airlines Croatia
Edelweiss Air Switzerland
EgyptAir Egypt
Helvetic Airways Switzerland
Lufthansa Germany
LOT Polish Airlines Poland
Scandinavian Airlines Sweden
Singapore Airlines Singapore
South African Airways South Africa
TAP Portugal Portugal
Thai Airways Thailand
Turkish Airlines Turkey
Ukraine International Airlines Ukraine
United Airlines USA

Swiss International Airlines Fleet Size

Swiss International Airlines has a total of 67 fleets under its name, as of August 2015, not counting the fleets of Swiss Global Airlines and Edelweiss Air. Swiss International Airlines owns 5 Airbus A319-100, 23 Airbus A320-200, 6 Airbus A321-100, 3 Airbus A321-200, 15 Airbus A330-300 & 15 Airbus A340-300. However, Swiss Global Airlines has 16 fleets as of October 2015 which consists of 16 Avro RJ100 and Edelweiss Air has 7 fleets as of November 2015 which consists of 5 Airbus A320-200, 1 Airbus A330-200, and 1 Airbus A330-300.

Swiss International Airlines Destinations

The most active routes of this airline are Zurich-Barcelona, Zurich-Moscow, Zurich-Malaga, Zurich-New York, Moscow- Zurich, Zurich-Istanbul, Geneva-Barcelona, Chicago-Zurich, Zurich-Miami, Athens-Geneva, Zurich-Dublin, Zurich-Tokyo.

Swiss International Airlines Reviews & Statistics

Skytrax an online portal which rates airlines on basis of their services and customer experience has rated Swiss International Airlines a solid 4-star rating on an average. About the airline’s flights on time performance, they have been on schedule 81% of the time and its cancellation rate stands at 1%. Swiss Airlines flights has been delayed 16% of the time. This data is for the period of 15th, September 2015 to 15th, November 2015 and is taken from the source

Swiss Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

As a passenger if you had been delayed by more than 3 hours while travelling with any of the airlines mentioned above or the flight had been cancelled without any prior notice, then according to EU law 261/2004 air passenger rights, one can ask the airline to reimburse their rightful amount. The filing for compensation is very easy. In scenarios where the airline won’t respond to your distress regarding flight delays or cancellation, one can take help from us to get your money back from the airlines. We have a team in place which has all the details of the flights such as weather conditions, flight timings, strike, etc. All you need to do is provide us is your flight details such as flight date & flight number and we will pursue the compensation for you. To know the amount you can ask from the airline as compensation, use our free flight compensation checker.

Claiming Compensation for Flight Delay of Swiss International Airlines is Every Passengers Right!

Swiss European Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Switzerland and was formed after the bankruptcy of Swissair. It is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa group and is a member of Star Alliance. The Swiss Airlines headquarters are situated in Basel and its main hub is Zurich Airport and Geneva International Airport. Swiss Airlines witnesses heavy air traffic to numerous destinations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Air passenger traffic and cargo traffic may lead to delays in scheduled times of Swiss air flights. According to the EU passenger rights regulation, passengers travelling on Swiss Airlines Flights have the right to demand compensation for flight delays from the airline.

When can I claim Compensation from Swiss Aviation?

Claim Flights will provide you with the answer to this and many other questions you might have in mind. You no longer need to wonder about the situation in which you are eligible to make a claim against the airline. You have the complete right to claim compensation for flight delays due to flight damage or failure. If the airline denies boarding due to overbooking, the flight has been delayed due to airport delays or you have due to a current flight delay, don’t delay in claiming your refund from the airlines.

How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation?

Claim Flights claiming process is very easy to use and to provide us the desired information doesn’t take more than 2 minutes of your precious time.

We have access to a lot of information about different airlines flights, thus you receive the compensation within right time.

How to demand refund from the airlines?

Claim Flights is the perfect partner to help guide the passenger through the entire process of making a claim. The delay of Swiss Airlines flights should be reported by the passenger in order for a claim to be made. The compensation calculator helps you to calculate the exact compensatory amount you are entitled to claim from the airline. The team of expert solicitors at Claim Flights takes up your case on a no win no fee basis and makes sure that you get your due refund in right time.

We charge less than other claim companies. Our customers are not just satisfied but thrilled to claim with us. We have a proven track record; 95% who claim with us, win compensation.

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