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If your Luxair flight delays for more than 3 hours, or was cancelled without prior notice, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ based on EU 261 rule.

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About Luxair

Luxair is the national airline of Luxembourg and also its flag carrier. It was founded in 1961. Its headquarters are located in Sandweiler, Luxembourg. Luxair finds its roots in an older airline Luxembourg Airlines, which was established in 1948. Luxair has majority stake from the government of Luxembourg and other private shareholders. At one point Lufthansa also had shareholding in Luxair but it sold its stake to the Luxembourg government in 2015. It has a fleet of 16 aircrafts dominated by Boeing planes.

How To Claim Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flights

If you have any doubts to make your claim or using our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator you can see our video illustrated on “How to Claim Compensation from Airlines?” (How To Claim Flight Delay / Cancellation Compensation). This video will demonstrate you on:

Alliances and Subsidiaries

Luxair is a member of the Association of European Airlines (AEA)

Code-Share Agreements

Luxair has code-share agreements with Air France, Austrian, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia and Hahn Air. This allows Luxair to advertise seats for the same flights as its codeshare partners.

Major Destinations

Luxair flies to over 60 destinations in Middle East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean region. Major destinations include cities in France, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Bulgaria, Austria and Croatia among other states.

EC Regulation 261/2004

EC Regulation 261/2004 (dated 17 February 2005) applies to passengers departing from an EU airport, or from a non-EU airport with an EU airline to an EU destination.

Passengers must note that flight delay compensation is subject to certain conditions and exceptions. There will be no compensation for a delay/cancellation caused by extraordinary circumstances, under which such delay/cancellation becomes unavoidable. Examples of such situations include bad weather or security concerns such as fear of a terror attack. In such situations, passengers will not be given any compensation.

Nevertheless, if there is a delay of more than 4 hours for a flight of 3500 kms or more; delay of 3 hours or more in intra-community flight of 1500 kms or more; and delay of 2 hours in case of flight of 1500 kms or less, the passenger is entitled to compensation under EU norms as set by the Regulation. This entitlement is when the delay is not caused by extraordinary circumstances. If the delay is more than 5 hours, the passenger is entitled to cancel his reservation and claim compensation.

The thumb of the rule for both delayed flights and cancelled flights are as follows:

  • Flights of 1500 kms or less: compensation amount is 250 euros.
  • Flights of 1500 kms to 3500 kms: compensation amount is 400 euros.
  • Flights of more than 3500 kms: compensation amount is 600 euros.

Thanks to the regulation, passengers need not worry as flight delay or cancellation compensation claim norms are in place. If you want to travel by any airlines, you may be rest assured in case of delayed/cancelled flights; your interests will be protected. In case passengers are not able to claim compensation from the airlines, we can help the airline passenger to get their money owed by the airlines. Claim Flights delayed flight compensation checker can be used to calculate the amount you can claim from the airlines by providing some information about your flights, i.e., flight number, flight date and reason of flight delay or cancellation. You may need to enter further details about yourself & co-passengers for whom you would like to claim the compensation from the airlines.

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