Air Europa (UX) Flight Delay Compensation

If your Air Europa flight delays for more than 3 hours, or was cancelled without prior notice, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ based on EU 261 rule.

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Air Europa

Air Europa is one of the largest airline in Spain with its headquarters at Majorca (Mallorca, Spain). The airline company, Air Europa, is been owned by Globalia the travel and tourism company and was founded in the year 1986. It is the first Spanish privately owned airline which started operating national schedule flights, which broke the monopoly of Iberia in Spain. The airline’s first international flight was between London to NewYork in 1995 which opened a broader market and broader opportunity for the airline company. It is also known to start first scheduled services from Spain to China. “Air Europa” the airline company also happens to be one of the members of SkyTeam alliance.

Air Europa Fleets & Destinations

According to the latest data, Air Europa has more than 45 aircrafts under its belt with flights such as Airbus A330-200s, Airbus A330-300s, Boeing 737-800s, Embraer 195s, Embraer 145s and ATRs 72 – 200 and 72 – 500. These are the fleets which are been used by the airline to transport their passengers and connect them to different cities of the world. With Air Europa forming an alliance with the Skyteam they have been connected to 1052 destinations with more flight frequencies and connectivity. The airline company is popularly known for its tourism services that it provides between Northern and Western Europe and to the resorts in Canary and Balearic Islands. The airlines also provide short and long hual services to various cities. The most famous destination within Europe that the airline serves to are:

Country Cities
Belgium Brussels
France Paris
Gambia Banjul
Germany Frankfurt, Munich
Italy Rome, Milan
Netherlands Amsterdam
Portugal Porto, Lisbon
Russia Ufa
Spain Asturias, Barcelona, Alicante, Granada, Malaga, Ibiza, Madrid, Menorca, Tenerife, Valencia, Las Palmas, A Coruña, Valencia, Vigo, Zaragoza.
UK Cardiff, London.

The airline flies to these cities along with many more destinations in North and South America.

Air Europa Partners and Services

Since the airline is a member of the Skyteam, it has alliances with all the members of Skyteam and its loyalty programs will be applicable to all the airlines associated with Skyline. The airline has the codeshare agreement with other airlines which allows its passengers to board flights with other airlines but will be numbered as Air Europa’s flight. The airlines with whom the Air Europa has Codeshare Agreements are as follows: Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, Delta, KLM, Czech Airlines, SAUDIA, TAROM and Vietnam Airlines. This association allows the passengers to have a single ticket to the destinations of their choice even if they are changing flights. Due to these associations, passengers enjoying their loyalty program have access to VIP lounges at the airport and many other services and comforts.

Air Europa Flight Delays and Cancellations

Delays and cancellation of flights can be caused due to natural calamity like bad weather, earthquake or due to the airlines turning blind eye to issues that can be easily kept in check. EU Law 261/2004 allows a passenger to claim compensation up to 600€ for flight delays and flight cancellations or denied boarding due to Air Europa’s fault which could have been easily avoided. For claiming reimbursement for the delay, one has to make sure that they satisfy the following conditions:

  • The delay or cancellation is not due to natural calamity or acts of god
  • The delay caused should be for the distance 1500 km traveled and more than 3 hours late
  • The flight should be an EU registered flight and should be traveling either within Europe or traveling to or from Europe. EU registered flights flying between countries outside Europe do not qualify for this
  • In cases of cancellation, the passengers are not given any alternative flight or provided any accommodations or basic amenities

So, you need to contact the Air Europa airline for flight compensation or can email them yourself with the provided Claim Letter Template available on our Website.

What to do if Air Europa ignores your claim request?

In cases, where the airlines are turning a blind eye to all the passengers’ plea and complaints of reimbursement for the delayed or canceled flights, the passengers can contact us (Claim Flights) to claim for them. We have claim experts who are trained to help passengers in this kind of situations. The passengers only need to provide their flight details and all the claiming process will be looked by our team. To know how much you can claim, use our compensation calculator.

Dr. Mirko C. Ulbrich

Dr. Mirko C. Ulbrich


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