EU Flight Delay Compensation Rights

Jun 19, 2019

Even if you are a seasoned traveler, there can be times when you have to experience flight delays or cancelations. Here is information on the rights of airline passengers if their holiday flight is delayed or canceled.

Delayed flight compensation rights

If you have booked a flight directly from an airline, the amount of help that you can get will depend on the length of your delayed flight and the place you are traveling to.

Delay in your flight departure

If you have a delay for over two hours, your airline should take care of yours. Whatever caused the delay, you need to get this help. This right is applicable to you without time limit and your airline should attend to your needs until your flight starts again. Usually, airlines will pay just for reasonable expenses so do not expect to get paid for expensive hotels, meals or beverages. The airlines should provide you:

  • A couple of emails or phone calls
  • Meals
  • Refreshments
  • Accommodation in case your delay is overnight
  • Means of transport to and from your accommodation

Flight delay of over five hours

You have the option not to take the flight. Also, you can get your money on your ticket back and be flown back to your original destination.

Delay on arrivals

Flight delay for over three hours

In case your flight is delayed more than three hours, you have the option to claim compensation for delayed flight of between 250 to 600 euros. This depends on the distance of the flight. These days, you can claim compensation in case your flight is delayed because of technical faults like general wear and tear as well as a component failure.

Flight delays caused by extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the airline will not let you make a claim for delayed flight like strikes or extreme weather conditions. But extraordinary circumstances that result in cancellation or delay still provide you entitlement to care and assistance which include drinks, food and hotel accommodation. You can also get assistance on compensation claims at Claim Flights.

Flying outside the European Union

Your rights as a passenger in case your flight is canceled or delayed outside the EU vary depending on your contract’s terms and conditions with the airline. The majority of airlines will let you choose between a refund and later flight. Some airlines are likely to offer refreshments and accommodation and you can make a claim later. It is important to keep all receipts and ensure minimum costs.

Claiming compensation

If you wish to make a claim, write to the package holiday organizer or the airline’s customer service department. Enclose some copies of your plane ticket and receipts for additional costs that you needed to pay in order to prove the amount of money you wished to get refunded. Try to get the travel agency or airline agrees to your refund request before you send them the original receipts or tickets. Also, ensure that you keep copies of correspondence should you need to take the complaints further.

In case you cannot sort the issue out with an airline, get in touch with your country’s aviation authority to get some help. If you still don’t get satisfaction from your complaint, you can consider making a compensation claim in court. Or you might directly use

If your flight delays for more than 3 hours, or was cancelled, you may be eligible for compensation up to €600 based on EU 261 rule.

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Flight Delay Rights

Flight Delay Rights

You’ve planned out this whole vacation for yourself when suddenly when you’re at the airport, you hear that your flight has been delayed! Urgh! The agony and the frustration! You have no idea what to do and just sip on your coffee with a...

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