Things you need to know about UK passport renewal

Apr 1, 2021

How to renew UK passport?

When you have travel plans, you will need your passport. However, this becomes prominent if you’re travelling abroad. But, what if your passport has expired? You will need to apply for a UK passport renewal.

Moreover, you should have a brief idea of how long does passport renewal take or what do I need to renew my passport? You can either pay the passport renewal fee online or pay it when you are renewing your passport offline.

What will be the price of the new passport?

If you don’t have a passport, you first need to apply for a new passport. The passport fees are different for adults and children.

Make sure to fill up the application form and wait for the processing time to get the passport.

The price of the passport varies depending on the page number and age.

The passport price in the UK is free for people born before 2 September 1929.

However, if you apply for the passport offline, you may need to pay an additional £9.50.

Adult passport (16 years or over) Fees:

  • If you apply online, the cost to renew or replace a passport is £75.50.
  • If you fill out the form offline by going to a Post Office, it will cost £85.

Child passport (under 16 years) Fees:

  • If you apply online, the cost to renew or replace a passport is £49.
  • If you fill out the form offline by going to a Post Office, it will cost £58.50.

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UK passport renewal for adults

The UK government allows citizens to change details and apply for passport renewal. You can even choose to replace the adult passport. In this case, the passport renewal process usually takes 3 weeks.

However, the processing time may increase if you have not correctly signed the form. Therefore, it is necessary to check and send correctly. You can also choose to apply for an online application, and the price increased in that case.

If you have provided an online application, you can track the passport application. But if you apply for passport services offline, you can track them after 3 weeks.

You can also apply for a passport renewal if it is lost or stolen. The new passport will reach your address by courier. The process for delivery of the passport usually varies.

You may either receive it in your letterbox or at home. Most of the times, you will be informed of how you can get hold of your passport.

How to apply for passport renewal in urgency?

Certain countries require passport validity to be at least six months. Some of the popular destinations include China, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, and Brazil.

Before you book your holiday destination, you should check with the country’s embassy and that of the UK Foreign Office advice. They may help you understand if there are any specific requirements for entry into the destination country.

If you have got all your bookings done, but there isn’t much time in your passport left, you should not worry. Initially, you will need to book the passport office appointment. You can choose to do it in advance. However, if your passport is damaged, you won’t get the fast-track renewal.

How long does Passport Renewal take?

Passport renewal generally takes 3 weeks. But If you want your passport renewal urgently, you can try out the following options:

Paper Premium:-

In this case, you will get your passport four hours after you sign the passport. This method is effective for adult passport renewal.

Online Premium:-

In this case, you will get your passport at the appointment itself. The appointment usually is 30 minutes long. However, you will get the appointment after 2 days of application.

One week fast track:-

With the help of this service, you will receive your passport in a week once the passport is set. Since you will be receiving it from a courier, someone should be in the home to receive it. This will be applicable for both child and adult passports.

You may use this option for:

  • Renewal of child and adult passport
  • Bring change in the details
  • Replacement for lost or stolen passport

In some of the cases, the passport may even come to the post office. You can also call the passport advice line for better assistance.

Documents required for passport renewal

When you apply for a passport under the open government license, you will need to offer two identical passport photos. It would be best if you were very precise with your pictures while providing them. To apply for a passport online, you will require digital passport photos.

Digital passport photos rules:

Your digital photo must fulfil the following requirements:

  • It must be a colour photo
  • It must be without any red-eye
  • No effects or filters applied to the photo
  • Its pixel size must be at least 600*750
  • The minimum size must be 50kb and should not exceed 10MB

Digital passport photo do’s and don’ts:

More details

Apart from it, you should also produce certain documents such as a birth certificate. However, if you are confused, you can consult the passport office for better convenience.

Countersigned applications

In some cases, your application form, as well as photos, will need a countersignature.

Countersignature refers to the signature from someone else to prove your identity. As per the government rules, you will need countersignature on your applications in the following cases.

  • Applying for a first child passport
  • Applying for a first adult passport
  • UK passport renewal for kids below the age of 11
  • Applying for a passport replacement for lost or stolen cases
  • Applying for renewal owing to a change in appearance due to which the person cannot be recognized from the old passport.

The one who is doing the countersignature for you should be:

  • Known for a minimum of two years
  • Able to recognize you
  • Belong from a job recognized position

Or if someone is doing the countersignature for you, they should be related to you by blood. In certain cases, the countersignature becomes a necessity since it is valid proof that all the details are correct.

Passport Check and Send Service

Many times the passport offices check your documents and passport applications before forwarding them. This helps to ensure that the correct sections have been filled. Moreover, it also confirms that you have paid the passport fees. This process is referred to as check and service.

This will only be applicable if the paper application is filled up thoroughly. After checking, your passport is forwarded to the passport office. There are several taxpayer millions. This process is faster than sending out your application by yourself. However, if you opt for this procedure, you will need to pay some extra fees.

You can visit for further details regarding your UK passport renewal.

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